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Your data is out there, let’s go get it back.

How Spartacus protects your privacy

We have designed the world’s first privacy service to prevent identity theft.


SCAN: We scan the Web for your sensitive data.

Enter your email. We do not rent, share or sell your information.


ASSESS: We evaluate your data exposure and determine your vulnerability.

Take the test! Get your Privacy Risk Score to see if you are in trouble.


ACT: We reduce your risk by minimizing your digital attack surface.

Remove yourself from data brokers and change your exposed passwords.

Take back your privacy now!

Why does it matter?

Personal information like passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, your home address, and more are exposed and being sold by third parties without your consent.

Your data gets leaked

Sensitive information is being collected on you, and the entity collecting it doesn’t care about keeping it safe.

Your Identity Gets Stolen

Knowledge is power. The more personal data you have out there, the easier it is for bad guys to open up credit lines and bank accounts. They can even file taxes in your name.

No way to prevent theft

Unlike other services that only help you once your social security number, bank account information or passwords have been stolen, we proactively help you minimize your chances of being hacked in the first place.

We’re funded by some of the smartest investors in the world

We’ve partnered with world-class investors and advisors who stand with our promise of protecting your privacy.

Our Promise

We put your data rights first in everything we do. Click below to read our full promise to you.

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